What Are Hub Centric Rings Used For

The wheels on most vehicles have a central hole through the hub that allows the tires to fit onto the ends of the axles Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Because most car manufacturers are focused on wheels/ tires fitting to the central hole of the hub of the tires/ wheels, it's about the same size for most vehicles. Between the fit of the central bore or hole and the hub of each wheel there is a space.


There are also five or six lugnuts that hold the tire/wheel on, and keep it from popping off and rolling down the street. When all of them are properly tightened, there is only a slight wobble to the tire/ wheel. The slight wobble has nothing to do with the lugnuts and everything to do with the central bore/ hole and the hub of the wheel where the space exists. This space may not seem like much Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, only a few millimeters or so, but it's enough to make most drivers think the tire isn't tightly secured by the lugnuts, when, in fact, it is.


Hubcentric refers to the type of fit when the wheel/ tire is secure enough that there is no wobbling of any kind. Lugcentric is the result of tires/ wheels wobbling slightly without the proper stabilization between the hub and central bore/ hole and holding on by the lugnuts. To remove all the wobbling and move the tires/ wheels from lugcentric to hubcentric, hubcentric rings are used.


Hubcentric rings fill that tiny gap between the hub itself and the central bore/ hole with which the tire/ wheel is slipped onto the end of the axle. It makes up for the minute deficit created by wheel/ tire manufacturers that purposely make their products to fit every vehicle but don't customize tires/ wheels to fit exactly to one type of car or truck. The difference between having hubcentric rings installed on a vehicle and not having them installed is quite a difference, and the difference can be felt in how the vehicle rides.


With some vehicles the car or truck without hubcentric rings will pull the vehicle in motion to one side or the other. Along with the vibration, it can make a driver think the alignment and the tires are shot and need to be replaced. This can cost them hundreds of dollars when all they really have to do is check for the hubcentric rings. An hour's worth of labor and about fifty bucks for the hubcentric rings and the car will feel like there was never anything wrong with the wheels/ tires and alignment at all. (The mechanic will find the proper fit when the customer asks for the hubcentric rings specifically.)


If your looking for hub centric rings to use with your wheels, you can visit for a wide range of hub centric rings and other wheel accessories you can use with your installed wheels on a vehicle. Read this article carefully because purchasing the right hub centric rings for the right wheels and at the right size will make all the difference.

Ronnie Appel is a blogger for the automotive industry and a wheel accessories expert for FastCo USA: A supplier of hub centric rings to customers throughout the United States.
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