Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner a Right Choice For Challenging Applications

Commercial and industrial settings feature lots of carpeted areas these days. Conventional carpet washers do not generally help transform dusty, dirty, and stained carpets in these areas into clean and fresh-smelling ones in a matter of hours. To tackle the highly challenging carpet cleaning applications in commercial and industrial settings, it is the norm to call in maintenance professionals. However, it is a fact that these professional cleaning services can be rather expensive. If cleaning services are eating into your profits, it would be advisable to invest in quality truck mount carpet cleaner machines from leading brands.


Offering a lot more than vacuuming


Until a few years back, carpets were maintained simply by occasional vacuuming sessions. Although vacuuming did help eliminate loose particles of dust and dirt stuck on carpet surfaces, it did nothing to remove stains and dried dirt deposits. Vacuuming was also ineffective in extracting the dirt particles trapped between carpet fibers. As a result, the carpets accumulated stains and dirt on a daily basis, slowly turning dull and dusty. This is where advanced versions of truck mount carpet cleaner systems come into play.


Truck mount carpet cleaner machines come in heated and non-heated versions Autel MaxiSys MS908. While the non-heated versions that utilize cold water are ideal for lighter-duty Autel Maxisys MS908CV, routine rug washing applications, the heated versions that eject hot moisture have been designed to manage the most demanding tasks. So, it is no wonder that the heated versions are widely used in industrial and commercial areas.


The hot moisture generated by truck mount carpet cleaner systems helps dissolve dirt buildup, grease deposits, and stains present on carpeted areas quickly and effectively. Users no longer have to depend on harsh chemicals to remove tough stains. This cleaning technique also helps avoid scrubbing that can damage the soft feel of carpets. The hot moisture from the carpet steamer systems penetrates deep down into the carpet base to dissolve every bit of dirt on the surface, base, and between the carpet fibers.


The right way to maintain carpets


Cleaning experts recommend pre-spraying carpets with green chemicals prior to using a carpet steamer. Make sure you use green chemicals that have been specifically formulated to clean carpets. The powerful, natural ingredients in these chemicals help dissolve and emulsify tough dirt deposits. Now, it is time to unleash the power of the best carpet cleaning machine. The hot moisture further softens and loosens dirt deposits from carpets. Finally, the vacuum extraction function of the best carpet cleaning machine helps efficiently extract these dissolved dirt particles, green chemicals, and moisture from carpets.


The low-flow function in top-grade carpet steamer systems prevents carpets from getting too wet. It also means the carpets dry faster in about 1-6 hours. The best carpet cleaning machine with low-flow technology also cuts down risks, such as mold development and foul odors. The low-flow feature makes these rug cleaners great for use as upholstery cleaners as well. These upholstery cleaners also work well in maintaining vehicle interiors.

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