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When you've chosen the model of car you want, it can be very hard to actually pick between the different ones which come under that name. After all, many factors go into choosing a car. The Audi TT as one of Audi's most iconic and well known cars has always been visually stunning to look at. At its best and most memorable you will find it normally in an iconic brilliant red, it still looks as fresh nowadays as the day it first appeared. But choosing between all the different body types of the TT variety can get a bit stressful. There's only one thing everyone seems to agree on when reviewing these cars and that is, stay away from the sports variety. This is merely because although it certainly looks like your typical sports car, especially as a convertible, the engine feels a little too weak to do the title proper justice.


The convertible is my personal favourite but as someone who has lived in the UK my entire life I have rarely seen much cause to actually own a convertible with our weather. In fact when I was younger I thought my friend's father was mad for owning one. Totally cool but mad, mainly because he likes driving with the top down even in the winter. The convertible does have its advantages. Anyone would be jealous of you in a vibrant red TT convertible, but it's not the roomiest car and isn't the most practical. If you want one based on practicality the coupe variety is a little more sedate than the convertibles, but if possible sleeker. At its best in a soft grey it draws attention to itself in class and uniqueness.


It has an astounding amount of mass market appeal due to its corporately cool physique. Although it looks a bit rigid and business-like the TT coupes are actually genuinely very comfy, even in the back, which although slightly cramped for anyone with a lot of leg, won't make you wish you hadn't stepped into it in the first place. Personally I prefer the smaller coupes but this depends entirely on your living situation, whether you're on your own or need to cater for a family too.


I think if this car is aimed at any of Audi's market, its women. While it's very snazzy as either a convertible or a coupe, I can only really describe it as pretty. The convertible for example doesn't look out of place in an American teen drama, and the coupe has its feminine attributes Autel MaxiDiag MD808. That's not to say a man shouldn't own one though. Far from it, I find the TT to be a car that ought to be more revered by both sexes. It's about time men hit back at the Clarkson review and got one. If you like the TT Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, defy the evil overlord of car reviewing and make that statement. It's a good car that drives well, is reliable and above all enjoyable to drive.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Audi cars.
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