Steps for Installing a Car Alarm System

Car alarms are essential to safeguard and protect your car. Besides protection, the alarm also provides the means to determine whether something is wrong with the car. It is advisable to opt for a professional for installation of the car alarm, especially with the advanced models. It is extremely crucial to note that if you purchase your alarm without installation from an authorized dealer, your warranty could become void. If for whatever reason you need to install the system yourself, you can follow the following helpful tips.


Steps for installing a Car Alarm system


In order to install the car alarm system yourself, you need to follow certain steps. You need to use the installation manual for your convenience. Of course, you can ask basic questions to the people at the automotive store from where you have purchased the alarm or the tech advisor of the manufacturing company.


First, you need to remove the positive lead offs from the battery terminals in your car’s engine using a screwdriver. Then, you need a 10 mm deep socket to remove the smart junction box that is located at the kick panel, on the passenger side. At the back of the junction box, 3 colorful bundled wires are situated, where 12 wiring harness is connected. You need to connect all the given wires together and hide the exposed wires that are connected to the box. You can hide the wires, including the brain and shock sensor behind the dashboard. You need to keep in mind that the shock sensor should not have contact with metal surfaces as it can lead to unwanted car alarms.


The next step involves wrapping the cable wire to the ‘A peller’, down to the headliner. The cable’s mouth should start behind the rear view mirror then head towards the headliner, up to the side of the ‘A peller’ and down to the dashboard.


Then, you need to connect the alarm. You will find 2 small screws under the steering wheel. You need to remove those screws with a screwdriver autel maxisys ms906, in order to uncover the wiring underneath. Below the steering wheel, the ignition and starter wiring are located. You need to cut the green wire from the harness and pull connection from the starter wiring. The purple wire needs to be connected to the starter wiring and the green wire needs to be connected to the ignition wiring. In some cars, there is a programmed alarm system, where it is locked up in a small remote control like device.


Below the steering wheel, the siren is located inside the machine. A connection needs to be created from the inside to the firewall of the engine. This is done in order to place the siren on the firewall. The siren should be pointed towards the ground so that moisture cannot collect inside it. In the car’s small metal side portion, the hood pins should be hooked. If there is no hood pinhole, you need to make one.


You need to drill a hole in the dashboard and place the wire of the LED status indicator through that hole. Also, the wires that work the power door locks of the car need to be located and connected with the alarm.


After the installation process is complete, open your engine and test the built in alarms to see if they are working. Later, the GTS viper engines can be upgraded to high-calibrated engines, which are usually used for the Chevrolet SRT 10 pick up truck and ACR cars for racing.


It is advisable to often check and maintain the Viper car alarm of your car. Usually, the system is connected to various functions of the car and if one alarm malfunctions autel maxidas ds808, you need to check the other connections as it might be due to some defective wires. In case of any complications, see a professional alarm technician.

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