The Nissan GTP

There are few auto racing legends that are aptly titled for scary movies. However, in Ponoco, a developing Nissan GTP would earn the moniker: California Coffin. It all started in 1985, where race driver Tony a2z Adamowicz had a frightening rear suspension failure in an experimental version of a ZX Turbo. a2z came off the banking and was able to limp into the pits without causing major damage to the ZX Turbo. Later, he told me that often he never knew what was going to break next on the car. Brian Redman indicated that further development of the Nissan ZX Turbo should be discontinued. The machine's primary sponsor was "California Cooler" maxisys elite review, but the monster had developed a reputation as the "California Coffin".


a2z Tony was a brave driver in the early years of engineering of this Nissan. Many said the same things regarding the early engineering of the famous Porsche 917K in the pre 70's. Frightning, but both of the chassis needed a period of time to develop into the championship cars they eventually became. Tony Adamowicz regretted not being able to benefit from all his rigorous testing and developing on the GTP. Politics kept him from enjoying the fruits of his development as a driver of this promising Nissan GTP.


What made the black Nissan GTP promising was that it had more aero downforce than any road racing machine up to this time. At Leguna Seca, a2z Tony brought the Nissan to finish 11th. At Sears Point Raceway, in 1986, the machine finished 7th. Sadly, mechanical problems forced the car out of competition for the remainder of the season. Failure after failuer forced the Nissan Performance team to skip 24 hours at Daytona and 12 hours at Sebring. Debuting in Miami, the Nissan GTP continued to be plagued with mechanical trouble and failures. Finally, the machine finished in 7th place in mid-Ohio; its career best. Nonetheless, despite other successful future races, the Nissan GTP continued to have mechanical failures. Unthwarted, they continued development of their ZX Turbo machine.


Late in 1987, Electramotive was able to improve the ZX Turbo greatly, and again, in Miami, the Nissan GTP pulled ahead of a Porsche 962 by 11 seconds. Sadly, the machine returned to its 'coffin' reputation, with clutch and several other failures, and an accident. Nissan is still in the racing game. Despite trouble in the automotive markets autel maxidas ds808. Much of their discoveries on the track have trickled down to their personal vehicles. The Turbo Nissan ZX is a perfect example of what goes on in developing on-the-edge technologies for the real world. To not have a race car team as part of your research and development arm, seems almost haphazard. Still there are some auto manufacturers that don't have a race team. Many Exotic cars don't, like lamborgini. How is it they can design such 'supercars', when they don't dare take it to the track, like Nissan and ferarri do?


More can be read about Ponoco and the Nissan effort at Tony a2z Adamowicz's website.

Tanabe gets his racing Tanabe drives a 93 Mazda RX7 for sport. He has learned many driving/racing techniques through his racer friend, Tony 'a2z' Adamowicz.
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